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Crypto Faucets / Airdrops At the moment Cointiply is the most profitable free Bitcoin faucet I know. You can claim the faucet multiple times a day. As often you claim the more reward at the end of the day awaits you. A good explanation in English how the free Bitcoin faucet works with many screenshots is online in the mentioned link. You can get there every hour free Bitcoins. Keep in mind that you have to specify your own Bitcoin address in the settings ("PROFILE"> Change withdrawal address) immediately. The amount you can earn every hour is between 23 and 2300 Satoshi (= 0.00000023 and 0.00002300 BTC). There is also a lottery and reward points. Works well, website is held easy and has a clear layout. In the settings ("PROFILES") you can unsubscribe from promotional e-mails (EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS> Promotions). You can get there every hour free Dogecoins. When you register, you'll need to enter your Dogecoin address, on which will automatically be paid weekly. The amount you can earn every hour is between 0.12 and 0.24 DOGE. Works well, website is held easy and has a clear layout. In the settings ("PROFILES") you can unsubscribe from promotional e-mails (EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS> Promotions). CoinPot offers you currently 5 different cryptocurrencies for free. Every 5 minutes. You have to register on CoinPot first, then you'll have your dashboard with an overview of your income. Now on step 2 the individual Faucets / Airdrops must be opened: Litecoin | Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | DASH | Dogecoin. In addition, Bitcoins can be received on the Bit Fun-Faucet on a regular basis.

Pumps & Dumps groups Success Pump reaches with the help and the performance and cooperation of all members with each pump at approximately 2.4 times the pumped coin value! Success Pump has reached more than 10,000 subscribers. The mission to become the most successful Pump & Dump group regarding Altcoins is absolutely reachable. Be astonished when a new pump starts ... It's always worth it. The telegram chat is available to everyone. Just log in using the link with your Google Account. CryptoFamily is a pump group with members from all over the world. There are many pump and dump groups that rip off their members. CryptoFamily acts here on a high level (For example, all members are informed at the same time about the coin to be pumped). The team uses social media such as Discord or Telegram, as well as Twitter to grant everyone the same information on the same time during the pumping process and thus to act fairly.

Crypto Exchanges One of the largest crypto exchanges with hundreds of trading pairs. Also IOTA. lists massive coins and tokens. Here you can find really many different currencies. In addition, you can buy on ICOs. The layout is lightweight and easy to use. A dice game where you can win currency completes the offer. Big crypto exchange with many trading pairs. Also IOTA. Deposit of FIAT money possible. Also some exotic coins in the portfolio. Very clear held (user experience / design) crypto exchange with the most trading pairs. Bitcoin purchase with credit card possible. Big crypto exchange based in Hong Kong. KuCoin also lists a lot of small coins directly coming out of the ICO phase like Car Vertical (cV). Secure your coins like Car Vertical in MetaMask! The IDEX is an Ethereum based (also ERC20 Coins) Crypto Exchange. Here you can buy and send REMME (REM) without an account (but with a wallet address - for example from MetaMask). American Coin and Crypto Exchange based in Boston (MA). Very clear held (user experience / design) trading platform with great chart tools. Crypto only Exchange without FIAT money opportunities. On, the following currencies are used to trade Altcoins: ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC and DOGE. Simple crypto exchange, which trades small currencies like Bytecoin (BCN). On, the following currencies are used to trade Altcoins: Tether (USDT), BTC, NXT, LTC and ETH. Hybrid crypto exchange that offers both Altcoins pairs and FIAT / Altcoin pairs. In addition, (soon) also ICOs are traded. Integrated mining system. Facebook login possible (including later verification). The following currencies are used to trade Altcoins: EUR (€), USD ($), BTC, NEXT and ETH. Pretty small but very fast crypto exchange. The support is mega professional and also fast (they post problems with current status updates on Facebook and responding quickly). Very trusting. Also trade Ripple (XRP). Cryptopia is a New Zealand Stock Exchange and has an incredible big market. You can also buy Electroneum (ETN) here. The following currencies are used to trade Altcoins: BTC, Tether (USDT), NZDT (New Zealand Dollar - own currency), LTC and DOGE. This crypto exchange is located in Recife, Brazil. She is known for coins that are otherwise barely traded (for example Mooncoin). High security standards, clear and quick (navigation) layout.

Coindealer / Crypto direct shopping On LOCAL MONERO Monero can be bought with over 60 different payment methods. So you do not have to pay by credit card or bank transfer only. You can also pay by gift cards, Paypal or other payment systems. The selection of countries where you can buy is possible. On Coinbase, the following crypto currencies can be purchased by direct debit or credit card: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Largest German Bitcoin trading marketplace. German-speaking coin or crypto buying and selling place. Many different cryptocurrencies can be sold and transferred directly to your own bank account. Buying Bitcoin over a wallet. It is also possible to pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. The sale of these currencies is also possible. An import from MyEtherWallet is possible.